Friday Favorites

Hey there!
Happy Friday!

It's HOT! Which makes me sorta slow motion. But that doesn't mean there isn't lots going on in the studio today. Packed up a batch of orders, prepped some boards for some new paintings, organized a bunch of bins and drawers, and we still have a bunch of daylight left! :)

What are you guys up to? Anyone on vacation? Any fancy locales? White sandy beaches? Cabins by the lake? Ahhh to dream! Aaron and I were just talking about family vacations and the memories we have of being in places like Washington D.C., Colonial Williamsburg, Mystic Seaport, and Hershey Park, in like 102 degree heat! I know our happy memories would be much happier ones if the temps on those days were closer to say... the mid 80s. I remember seeing the different monuments and feeling as if I were melting right into the pavement. I'm pretty sure I had a Washington D.C. painter's cap on! You'll get that trendy fashion reference if you too were of a tender age in the 1980's.  Ha Ha! Ohhh those glorious 1980's! 

Anyway, these memories now got me thinking of how many photos from back then that I'd like to set on fire...not exactly great thoughts to have on this scorcher of a day!

So how about we set our sights on some Friday Favorites instead?

Let's start with Emma Stone's Pink/Lavender hair! Well, try not to get too excited and start googling for even more photos. I already did it...only to learn that her flawless dye job is thanks to photoshop. This pic popped up on pinterest and probably set lots of hearts a flutter. Doesn't it look so so pretty? And that lipstick! It is so Lime Crime! Love it!

This here is so so on my wishlist! An Ipod dock disguised as a retro clock radio. Too bad it is sold out. I vow to find it ! Isn't it so so perfect? I'd love it in my bedroom, or studio, or kitchen, or bathroom, or anywhere where music should be heard...which is everywhere.

I had a dress JUST like this when I was about 10ish but it was pale lavender. It was my favorite favorite favorite! I really love how simple yet sweet it is. It's the kind of dress I'd make 5 of...that is, if I could sew! Imagine it in an array of colors and patterns! Ahh!

I don't know about you...but when I saw these candy colored babies, my eyes widened and my smile spanned from ear to ear. This is the kind of stuff my dreams are made of! Coming across "little babies" at flea markets or junk shops is one my happiest things! These here babies are actually handmade brooches! Ahh!! yep!! They are wearable!! 
Want! Need! Now! :)

And finally this image...I LOVE it! I like to think it captures the moment just before some dear friends arrive, 78 degrees, sunny, with a lovely breeze, lemonade about to be served, along side cupcakes and lemon cookies! A happy day!

Okie doke kids, It's back to work I go! I hope you all have a GREAT weekend! Thanks so much for popping in and visiting! Always so so nice to have you here!
xo Jenny