Friday Favorites

Hey guys!

Oh my gosh I really just have to THANK YOU guys so so much for all of the beyond kind, thoughtful, supportive, lovely comments left on my "Blogging for me...and you" post.  Really, you guys had me smiling big, and even crying...happy tears of course. Geez guys. I've already said it but I really do LOVE you guys to bits!  :)

I took a bunch of notes and have lots of ideas and plans for this here blog. Namely: more Art Journaling! Lots and lots! I really didn't know you guys would be so into seeing it! Well, we are going to be doing lots of Art Journaling together! Yep! You and me!...and Aaron! Did you know he Journals as well? I think you guys will dig his style! He's pretty amazing when it comes to hand lettering. summation: blog + more Art Journaling = happier Me & happier You.
oh, and there will be a bunch of other new and improved features! I'm excited! Thanks!!

Okie about this week's Friday Favorites?

The above dress is killing me! Yeah it's pretty cartoonish and not for everyone...but oh man I think I'd end up living in it! I normally...well actually never wear cream...but this dress paired with black tights would be so so sweet! Loving it!

Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cake Shots. Seriously! Who else is ready to faint? Killer right?

I just adore this! I'd buy a case if I had funny money. Just such a perfect pale pink.

I am such a big fan of Anthony Burrill's work. This poster has been on my wish list for quite some time. I saw it in person a few months ago at ABC Carpet & home in NYC and it's pretty great!

Look at these! I think I'd be staring down at my feet all day! So cute they'd almost double task as decor for me!
And they come in this happy shade of yellow too!

Good stuff huh?  Now if only we all had money trees right?

Have a great weekend!
xo Jenny