Friday Favorites

Gosh...did this week fly by for you guys too? Sometimes I'm on the fence about that being a good thing or a bad thing. I tend to think bigger than: "let's get to the weekend!" And I'm more like: "oh geez, life is short...let's not hurry it". Yeah, I'm a mega overthinker. I really try to keep that stuff to myself. It has always gone hand in hand with me being a panic-y person. I've certainly come a long long way with that stuff, but old habits die hard. I still have to over analyze everything. Including if it is right or wrong or good or bad of me to be glad the week went fast. Yeah, I never said I wasn't a nut.

Anyways...It is Friday! That means if Aaron and I do indeed intend on making Sundays our lazy day of Art Journaling (and Breaking Bad) it'll be here in a blink! I just imagined Jesse Pinkman saying "Art Jounaling B*#@!"  and made myself laugh. Any Breaking Bad fans?

So about this suuuper cute dress above? So many ways to go with it! Dashes of color, cute bag, shoes, hair bow. I really like it a lot!

Ok this thing is just cool! It's geometric and it's GOLD! It would bring such a futuristic pop to our living room. All it needs is a fabulous vase or stack of books...or Art Journals on top!  :)

I just love this. Plain and simple.

Yep...more Geo and Aqua!  :)  I would adore a few of these around our deck! And maybe even in the studio holding my washi tape! :)

I love this pillow. And again, I could sit and debate both sides of the coin. It's Friday and I'm sharing my favorites...things I certainly think I need. 

xo Jenny