Fluffernella S'mores

My mom was visiting last week.
She came to watch the kids so I could take 18 girls
age 12-17 to camp for four days.
The food there was amazing,
but one thing was missing - S'MORES! 
There was not one s'more made or eaten the entire time I was there.
What is camping without s'mores?

So, when I cam home and found an opened jar of nutella
on the counter from my mom's visit, a box of graham crackers,
and my marshmallow creme stash I knew what had to be done.

And Fluffernella S'mores were born.

They are gooey deliciousness and no campfire is required :)
The kids are crazy for them,
so I think they will become a favorite treat this summer.

Now, go, spread the Fluffernella yumminess with someone you {LOVE}.
It's the right thing to do :)