Looking back

So, while unpacking one of our many boxes of stuff I happened to come across a box of photos. Yes, actual photos that were shot on 35mm film! Relics from a bygone era. And it was so fun to find this particular batch of photos. 

We did a little photo shoot for a brochure back when we launched our line of hand painted furniture and home accessories. It was months before we opened up our shopfront and we were doing mail order and wholesale. Having a furniture company was a whole lot of work. I remember at the end of our twenties both me and Aaron were like "wait a minute...I think we missed our twenties!"
We worked round the clock. Every single piece you see here was designed by us, built from scratch by my dad, and hand painted by me and Aaron. We had many more pieces in the collection but these show a pretty good cross section. I love whenever I get to see the work that certain artists were doing years ago...just to see the evolution...and the continuity in their style. So I thought it would be fun to show you guys this blast from the past. So many moments in life get forgotten...the past blurs and blends together. But with art, the work that you create becomes a timeline unto itself. I guess it has something to do with how much time gets put into your art. Me and Aar can remember what music was playing sometimes if we look at a painting we did a decade ago. The work captures a moment in time almost better than a polaroid does, or journal entry.

"Everything's Rosey" table

This piece was inspired by an one of a kind antique piece. You may remember from my little bedroom tour....it's my nightstand. We added some classic French scrolls and florals to our version. Built so sturdy and perfect by my super talented Dad.

The "Vintage Floral Cupboard"

We loved designing chunky cottage pieces like this coffee table. And those tiny little stools, which we called crickets. We sold sooo many of them!

The "Betsey" table...named after you guessed it! Betsey Johnson! :)

Forgive the awful blurry photo. This is our "Lola" table. Aaron is a master when it comes to hand painting faux leopard print!

The "GB & Co." bench

Our "Cottagefabulous" flower pots...we painted hundreds and hundreds of these! 

And we also did so many hand painted paper mache boxes. We had so many mini collections that were so gorgeous but so insanely time consuming to paint. We were absolutely crazy and never ever slept. We loved painting pattern and then doing our signature roses on top of the pattern. 

Ok, hope you liked our little trip down memory lane. Of course, whenever you look back you tend to scrutinize or criticize yourself...saying what you'd do different or better. I have to say that I'm pretty happy with a lot of this stuff...but man, I get tired just seeing it!

xo Jenny