Graduation fun!

My little brother Walt's girlfriend Val had her college graduation party this weekend and we took some time out so we could attend. Val's family can really party! The amazing food kept coming in waves. So much good stuff. Walt asked me to make cupcakes...he is crazy for cupcakes! I think he ate maybe seven last night. He is the only dude you will see sipping a tall glass of milk at a barbeque. 

So when I was done making all of the cupcakes I realized I didn't have a way to get them all there in one piece. I have a couple containers but they are packed away. So Aaron took one of our long rectangle shipping boxes, sealed up the ends, and then cut the top open like a lid. And so the lid wouldn't just crush the cupcakes, he stuck little wood skewers in a few to keep the lid just a bit propped up.  Worked Great! :)

Val's mom made so so much food! It was like 2am and she was still partying...after about 48 hours of food and party prep. Such a great time. I'm so glad we went!  

What are you guys up to this weekend?
xo Jenny

ps..a few of you asked if that was me with the blue hair and tattoos...nope...that's my sister Missy! :)