Friday Favorites

Hi guys!! It's Friday! As if you didn't know. All too often the weeks just fly by...blink, and you missed it. So you gotta try your best to make it at least semi-memorable. Ours was filled with projects, orders, and family stuff...and oh yeah: HEAT! And it's that kind of heat that Jersey and New York specialize in. The triple H stuff. The Hazy, Hot, and Humid kind. 
 Despite the heat I was shaking and shivering a bit...but this was due to nerves. Early this morning my baby brother Walt had a pretty serious surgery. All week long the surgery kept getting cancelled and rescheduled, cancelled and rescheduled...keeping us on that good ol' emotional roller coaster right up until the last minute. Well, I just heard from Walt earlier today, for all of 1 minute. He's is resting and so very tired. I hope to talk more with him later tonight. 
I just want to thank everyone who sent good vibes, happy thoughts, and prayers his/our way! I mentioned it on facebook earlier and was blown away by the positive outpouring. As I've stated over and over on this blog...Walt is one of my favorite people on the planet. Today was a big day for him and I'm so relieved that everything worked out well in the end. I'd like to say a very enthusiastic: "Thank Goodness It's Friday!"  

And on this blog Friday means Friday Favorites! My apologies on getting this post up so late in the day...but it's never too late for eye candy and fun right? Let's get to it...

 How about that adooorable tent above? I fell in love with it the second I saw it. I pinned it over on pinterest and the sweet gal that makes/sells it actually found my pin and thanked sweet! No need...the pleasure is all mine. I'm totally happy to spread the word and love!! I would adore one in our yard!! 

These are like candy for your feet, no?  Just perfect! The color, the shape, and the little boost of height. They'd totally be a favorite of mine! I can see them working with sooo many outfits! :)  I'll take them in black too! 

Long time fan of the art of Mati Rose McDonough! Love everything she does! So happy and fun! Cannot wait to get my hands on this book!

Ok, and if I have candy on my feet...I need candy on my neck right? I had something similar in lavender when I was a little girl. I loooved buying "old lady" junk jewelry at yard sales! This piece is super cute. I think I need it! :)

Ahhh!! Ring Dings! or is it Ding Dongs? Aaron and I were just talking about these. We had to do some research since we've heard them called both. And there happens to be some interesting history surrounding their's been a debate for years...and you wouldn't be wrong if you used either name. Last year when we taught at Artistic Affaire, the fabulous Belamar Hotel in Manhattan Beach CA had these at the front desk for guests! Such a fun fun treat!!  The above is a recipe for the homemade version!! Yes!

I wish all of you a great weekend and hope that your weather is better than ours. Current conditions: rainy yet steamy, sticky, and stuffy. We're gonna have to make our own beautiful sunshine this weekend...hopefully in the form of some fabulous art!
xo Jenny

p.s.  Thank you guys SO SO much for the amazing compliments on our Traveling Art Kit!!! :) Gosh you made us so happy!!! :)