A handful of minis

When we painted these first two images you see here...our : "when all else fails..." pieces, both of us agreed that they'd be perfect as mini wood plaques. Their message and just everything about their appearance totally fits the smaller format...roughly 5 x 7...and being plaques makes them perfect for gift giving, or even as a gift to oneself. No framing necessary...no big upset to your decor...just a simple little plaque you can hang in that special spot. 

And after we made these wood plaques we got on a little kick. Forever, plaques like this were always our biggest sellers...but there was never enough time to keep them stocked up. When we do shows, or teach at art retreats we always have a table full of mini plaques, and people always thank us for making cute little take aways...easy to put in a shopping bag or suitcase. So we took time over the weekend and made a whole bunch featuring some of our favorite paintings. There's a lot in the shop now and there are more on the way soon. Also, in case anyone is interested...just ask, and we could pretty much make anything we offer into a plaque of just about any size. With the warm weather we're taking advantage of getting to use the saw out in our yard. We love the smell of fresh cut wood...and the feel of these adorable little plaques. Anyway, I just really wanted to pop in and show you some of these guys.
Thanks so much to all of you who motivated us to get this batch done!
xo, Jenny