When life gives you lemons...

The week started off...hmmm, what's the word?...ah, let's go with Sleepless. My dear littlest brother Walt had a throat infection with a side order of terrible fever and after lots of hopeful procrastination he finally gave in and went to the E.R. at 4 am. They gave him some fluids and antibiotics and he's starting to feel better now. While this is going on we're also turning the house upside down. A storage room is being emptied and all the contents have to move to a storage unit...my sister's stuff has to be moved in...carpet has to be ripped up...walls painted...etc, etc... 
These are the times when family pulls together...we help each other out with all the menial tasks, lose sleep together and try to make the best of things. 
When life gives you lemons...make lemonade! Sure, it's a cliche that's as tired as I feel...but it's got all that wear & tear for a reason: it's tried and true...and it works. So this post is a little ode to that trusty nugget of wisdom.

The above print is so soothing, tranquil, and pretty that it renders the famous quote moot. Why in the world would you make lemonade out of this darling image? I love the milk glass, the color palette...I could make a whole room around this.

This bunting or banner...whichever you prefer to call it. It seems to capture everything that summer ought to be. The granny chic fabrics conjure up sunny summer memories. If heaven had a lemonade stand...you bet it would be trimmed out with this! 

Lemon Drop Cake...the name alone is swoon worthy! This has my tummy yearning for that certain summer evening out on the deck when this will be the final course.

Simple sweet hand screened dish towels. Like I've been saying lately...yellow doesn't have to be your focal point color...but splashes of it really sets off your other colors. I love single tone graphics like this.

I love the feel and colors of this beautiful print. Makes me think of a mid century home in Florida...maybe a pink flamingo or two in the front yard.  

Ohh the name of this! "lemonade and donut holes". And yes, punches of yellow are also finding their way into my fashion.

This recipe has been calling my name for a few weeks! It looks perfect! Pretty sure this would be perfect for breakfast, afternoon tea, or dessert... :) And remember that lemonade stand I mentioned? the one in heaven?...well, I think they sell slices of this there!

Ok, hopefully I've done some justice to this dependable expression. May you all savor the sweetest lemonade life has to offer!
xo, Jenny