Lazy Days RV
Seffner, FL

Any time you buy a new rv, you have to keep track of the little things that aren’t quite right so that the repairs can be made while under warranty.  No matter how good the rv is, there will always be something to put on that list.  A couple of the main things that we need to have fixed are the fireplace (which blew out something and almost burned) and the jacks which just aren’t coming up properly.  But the main reason we didn’t let it be known that we were coming to Lazy Days for those repairs is because we wanted to surprise Sherry and David who were staying at Lithia Springs Park.  Mission accomplished!
We did our part to help control the bug population in Florida.  Naturally, I washed off the front of Tawanda as soon as we set up on Thursday.
Love bugs in FL  IMG_1183

Friday morning after discussing things with Shawn, our service advisor, we drove over to Lithia Springs and found Winnona parked down a long driveway on a beautiful site in the jungle.  The car was gone but the MH door was open.  We sneaked down the driveway and Gin knocked on the hood to get Sherry to the door.  Surprise!!
Gin sneeking up on Winnona  Surprise Sherry!!

After a little visit with her, she called David who was out in the car.  He came back to get a big hug from us.  We certainly did surprise them!
David gets a big hug from Gin

We spent the day with them and walked around the park.  The spring was quite low but there were a few folks playing in the cool water.  We sat outside back at camp and Sherry whipped up a great pasta dish for supper.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time with these two people and hope and pray that they find the inner strength needed to fight the battle against David’s cancer.

Carpe Diem!!