Studio Inspiration

Hello friends!
I've been meaning to share some of my current studio/workspace inspiration with you. Me and Aaron have been self employed/work-from-home artists for more than 16 years I think. And in all that time I can't say that we've ever possessed our ideal work studio. At one point we had a big warehouse space where we manufactured our own line of hand painted furniture...but even then it seemed like we'd end up doing our design work in some tiny corner while our materials and finished stock would occupy 99% of the place. And then, when we had a retail store...the studio space in the back room started out pretty good...(we had an entire giant wall stuck floor to ceiling with magazine tear sheets and other inspirational was fabulous)...but soon it got filled with overflow merchandise and tons of unfinished furniture. Again...we ended up huddled in a corner. And as far as a home work space goes...we never lived in an apartment big enough to accommodate the studio of my dreams.
But I think the whole idea of having the "studio of your dreams" is sort-of a unattainable goal...or maybe even a Catch 22. Like, if you're doing your best work in there...and if you're doing a whole lot of it...(which is what every self supporting artist desires most)...then things are gonna get messy, crowded, jumbled, unruly, cluttered, etc, etc...
There's the quote "never trust a man with a clean desk". And that goes for artists. A perfect studio is an unused studio.

But I'm still gonna dream. As of late, the dream studio in my mind has changed. Moving to a new home is what affected this change. We moved into this house...very busy with other stuff and possessing no budget to do things perfectly. So for sanity's sake we pretty much painted everything white...making it a clean slate...a blank page. And then filled up the place with all of our fabulous stuff. Well, what was supposed to be a temporary fix, I think became my new desired look. White is clean, bright, and doesn't fight with all of my stuff. Whether it's my shelves of inspiration, or the stacks of works in progress...the white only amplifies my goodies. My colors pop...undistracted. I've been pinning a lot of workspaces like this. These are some of my faves. 
But most likely...colored walls are on the horizon. Who am I kidding? I am a paint lunatic! 

I'd LOVE to see YOUR studio space....or current faves!
I'll share pics of our progress soon!
xo Jenny