Night Lights

There's something so enchanting about twinkling lights. I've always loved lanterns at night, the way their glow invites you near. When we had a store we had Japanese lanters just like these hanging from our antique tin ceiling. Whether it's one lantern or 20...their light is festive...celebratory. I always say 'celebrate every day'. Lanterns celebrate every night.


I've never been to Martha's Vineyard and it had never been high on my list of places to go...that is until I came across photos of "Illumination Night" or "The Grand Illumination" in the town of Oak Bluffs.  
I had clipped a little article about it years ago...and the other day I started pinning a bunch of pics of it from around the web. Can you even handle these photos? Victorian gingerbread cottages, candy colors glowing in the night.

Lights at night...nights lights...whatever you want to call them...are certainly a fave thing of mine. 


The same part of my heart, mind and soul also loves the Mad Hatter's Tea party...aka The Teacups at Disney! Another place I have yet to visit. I know that it will be my happy place. ( yes, I think I might have a few happy places ) I can close my eyes and imagine being there in one of those teacups. I've collected daytime photos...which is also just the prettiest happiest place. But it's nothing like night time...underneath those  magical lanterns. I must must must get to Disney! :)

This is the first in a little series I'd like to share. I have some other enchanting "night light's" coming very soon. 
xo, Jenny