My Jersey Shore

These are some of my favorite photos of life here at the Jersey shore. That fab shot of the gingerbread cottage with the toy like car out front pops up from time to time throughout blogland and on pinterest, and tumblr. I gotta admit, I feel pretty lucky to have stumbled upon such a great photo op. I snapped it in Ocean Grove NJ, which I've blogged many times. It's a story book town right on the Atlantic with more Victorian architecture than you can imagine, all clustered into less than a square mile. Ton's of bed & breakfasts right on the ocean, old timey Ice Cream Parlors. Just one of the zillion highlights of the Jersey Shore.

I'm really looking forward to Summer. I'm Pinning lots of deck and porch ideas, fruity drinks, grilling recipes. I wanted to share some of my Jersey shore. The Boardwalk shots below, salt water taffy, fudge,  that fab shot of the Carousel...all taken in Seaside Heights, NJ. It's the sweeter side of where they film the show...Jersey Shore. And yes we have indeed seen them filming...and the hoards of onlookers aiming their iphones. I'd be lying if I said we weren't entertained. It's always fun to see behind the fourth wall.

When we hit Seaside we find a happy balance. Fun foods...stands...people watching...arcade games...skeeball. I'm looking forward to this summer more than ever...a new living with my siblings...lots of dogwalks and tons of time outdoors. But worry not,  I'll come inside long enough to keep blogging!
xo, Jenny