ME & YOU...two ways

It's kinda a quiet day here and it's reminding me of my life prior to this topsy turvy move to a new home. Every day here we are in contact with my two little brothers, my sis Missy, often Walt's girl makes an appearance, and five, yes count 'em FIVE assorted dogs. Me & Aaron are very much accustomed to being all by ourselves. For the past 16 years that's all it has together, work together, eat together...24/7. That whole 'finish each other's sentences' schtick is the understatement of the century. We read each other's minds. Completely random topics spring up and we stare at each other like "how in the world did you know I was going to say exactly that?!" And maybe it had gotten to be a bit too much of just us. We definitely both needed some other humans around to mix it up. But like I was is quieter than usual. One brother is out...the other is napping...Missy is napping with her two dogs...Carlos and Jack are both buried under blankets. It's a gray day...a bit chilly...a stark contrast to yesterday's warm sun. And plus it's Saturday...people are allowed to check out for the day. To me and Aar, working from home, Saturdays are just another day. So here we are, doing our thing...just the two of's quiet and we've got paint drying. Sure, we needed a bit of a change...some family bonding etc...but it's good to know that some ME & YOU moments are still available. 

We've gotten so many requests for our ME & YOU chevron print sign. We originally had a totally hand painted version available but we personally know how tight decorating budgets have to be these days. So we now have a couple lower priced (and cuter) versions 8" x 10" ready to frame matted print...and an 8" x 10" wooden plaque. We recently did a a couple giveaways and when participants were asked what their fave item in our shop was...a great majority liked our ME & YOU sign best. So this is for you the shop now are two new (affordable) versions for you & yours. 

Happy Saturday!
xoxo, Jenny