Lazy Days

Lazy Days RV
Seffner, FL

We’ve been here at Lazy Days for a week now and have most of our warranty work done.  Shawn has been an excellent service advisor.  We are just waiting for some parts to come in.  We’ve spent a couple of nights in our work bay but for the most part, we have been on one of the campsites in the Crown Club area.  The people here are so nice and the grounds are beautiful and well manicured.  The squirrels can even read!
IMG_1183  Lazy Days Squirrel

We wanted to stay around here while the work is being done but it’s extra nice to be fed three times a day and have a swimming pool to lounge in.  We’ve watched the lizards around the pool do their part to control the bug population.
Lazy Days Crown Club pool
Lazy Days lizard  Lazy Days lizard

There is a sidewalk that circles around the grounds and is an excellent place for my morning walks.  We’ve enjoyed pedaling around some too.
Lazy Days shady walkway  Shady area at Lazy Days

There are many beautiful flowering bushes around here this time of year so I took these pictures to share with those of you who like flowers. (I was especially thinking of Gin’s mom, Judy)
Lazy Days bushes  Lazy Days bushes
Lazy Days bushes  Lazy Days bushes
Lazy Days bushes  Lazy Days bushes
Lazy Days bushes Lazy Days bushes
Lazy Days bushes

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.