In the kitchen with Allie & Amy

Some of you may have met Allie & Amy before. They're the girls from a favorite painting of ours. This duo of dolls does everything together. You can always catch them visiting their fave bakeshops...crafting, sewing, gardening together. They're like two peas in a pod. An ageless pair who are forever young at heart...and it shows in their baby faced beauty. Are they sisters? bffs? neighbors? Maybe they're all of the above. 
From time to time we check in on their adventures. This time they are in the kitchen! It's a fantastic day in early Spring and they just got back from the flower market...bouquets in hand, wearing their fave matching dresses. :)  

Totally inspired by my undying love of vintage party decorations and favors from the 1950s. Thrifty little many just thrown away after the party along with the paper plates and cake crumbs. I've been lucky enough to have found some survivors over the antique shops and on well as getting some as gifts from friends who know me so so well! :)
A little under 5" tall...made of vintage and new materials...millinery flowers, lace, crepe paper, pipe cleaners. Adorably delicate shelf sitters who love to pose in mini vignettes. I've got mine under a glass cloche!
**I will be making these gals to order if you'd like to adopt your own set. They are listed in the shop now. Please allow a week or so for them to be ready to ship. Colors and papers and flowers may vary slightly. They will arrive nestled in a pink bakery box.**

Allie & Amy matted ready to frame print also in the shop.

Just wanted to share these sweet lil gals with you! :) Hope you'll follow their adventures!
Thanks bunches for popping in! :)
xo Jenny