Hit the Road Jack…

Cedar Point CG (site #36)
Cedar Point, NC

We stayed in the driveway a month and had only one house showing.  I thought things were supposed to pick up this time of year.  Oh well, life goes on.

I finally got the crown put on my tooth on Monday morning and Gin went to her doctor’s appointment in the afternoon.  Her doc was interested in the fulltiming lifestyle so he had no problems with the idea of keeping her prescriptions updated while she travels.  We got things packed up and left the house Tuesday morning to go to one of our favorite places to relax for a couple of weeks.  We are at Cedar Point CG which is a part of the Croatan National Forest in NC.  It’s near the beach of Emerald Isle but it’s quiet and relaxing.  After getting settled in, we got our hugs from the resident camp hosts Julie and Steve and cohost Roger.  This place feels more like home.  We just enjoyed sitting outside in our chairs.  We are in our element, so to speak.
Site #36...Cedar Point CG

Today we threw the chairs in the Suki and went to the shore for some “wave studies”.
IMG_1094 IMG_1093

Gin enjoyed getting her feet wet while I just enjoyed the stress relief.
Emerald Isle, NC  Emerald Isle, NC

We were not alone on this beautiful day.  This sanderling ran back and forth with the waves to get his own lunch, and just a few feet from our chairs stood this seagull who was waiting for us to throw him a cracker.
IMG_1103  Posing

There were quite a few people out enjoying the beach today with their kids but we just had to show you the cutest but shyest one there.  He was really enjoying walking into the wind.

We really needed this get away.  I think we may never go back.  The road awaits us.