For the love of Doughnuts...and Donuts!

I've blogged about doughnuts before, and I'm gonna blog about doughnuts again! They've been popping up on my pinterest and crowding my peripheral. Are they blipping on your radar too? or is it just me? Well, I'm pretty sure it's not just me, because recently we've received more than a few orders for our print above. It's always such a pleasant surprise when a painting we finished a while back experiences a lil bit of a resurgence.
So in the spirit of this itty bitty doughnut trend I've collected some fave representatives of the form.   

   Anything on a stick does the trick for me! Check out these sweet Donut (cake) pops !

    When we visited Los Angeles last year we all got so ill by the end of the trip. So on the last day which we reserved for driving around and seeing all the sights and sampling the local eats...we were too sick to even get out of the car. But still, I requested that we at least drive by the famous Randy's Donuts so I could see the giant donut sign. In my ideal doughnut inspired vignette I'd be sure to feature this print          

Donut Queen....not a bad gig!

  If I was a kid again I bet I'd take a bite out of this delicious looking Doughnut soap

Donut rings by Petit Plat are adorbs. 

A Giant donut cake! Williams Sonoma cake pan set . If I was a kid again I bet I'd take a bite out of this as well...only with much more satisfactory results.

Mini doughnut maker! I love anything like this. Little self contained factories. Don't know why it reminds me of the Dozers from Fraggle Rock. (that reference dates me a lot!)

"Doughnuts Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home" by Lara Ferroni. This book looks great! so many different recipes! Look over on the right at my Amazon Favorites for the link to this fab book.

The Sunbeam Donut Maker! I have this and love it! It's great for dinner parties. Mixing up different batters and glazes, and gathering different toppings is so much fun! They bake perfectly every all you have to do is figure out what recipe you want to try next. And they're baked instead of fried! You can also find this over on my Amazon Favorites.

ok, see you around like a donut! pssshhh! 
xo Jenny