Bedroom bits

Hi guys! How is your weekend going? Any fun adventures? Thrifty finds? Family fun? Home projects? I'd love to hear about it!  Here at Casa Holiday it is a big bunch of a bit of this and a bit of that. Sooo many things happening at once. Custom projects old and new. Finishing up some orders, starting some new orders. Working on a new series of paintings, (excited!)  chipping away on the studio, (both rooms) and lots of boring stuff like laundry, and mopping...Party! ;)

As I mentioned recently our current bedroom is temporary. We'll be moving upstairs to the "Master Bedroom" at some point...hopefully sooner than later. But as I also mentioned, things are really in flux right now. My sis in moving back from Brooklyn and in with us...all us siblings under one roof! She and my brother Jason cleaned out the Master bedroom last week (it was full of the things my parents have yet to bring upstate) and Missy is temporarily in there on a blow up mattress. 

Before we move in upstairs we have to get new carpeting and paint it. So our current itty bitty downstairs bedroom is just a make-do. It has now officially belonged to every sibling in the family. And since it is situated underneath the staircase it is only known as "The Harry Potter Room".  Maybe the least desired room in the house. It only fits our bed, a night table, another table with a mirror, and a bed for the pups.

We painted it with leftover aqua from our old apartment, did the floor with a mere four boxes of carpet tiles. (I totally recommend them for a small so easy to install...and you can replace individual tiles if drop a brush loaded with paint.) The tiny closet is right behind my head when I'm in bed...impossible to fit a closet I just hung a floor length eyelet curtain. 

It's so small that the photos you see here are pretty much the farthest I could back up with the camera. At first I was bummed at the prospect of inhabiting this room, even if temporarily. But we made the best of it. It's cozy, easy to keep tidy, and a place to sleep. Though don't attempt to sleep later than the other housemates...yeah, being under the staircase means hearing the boom boom boom boom of my brothers bounding up and down the steps. The boom boom bounding is completely uncalled for. When civilized females go up and down the steps they are relatively silent. But boys will be boys.   

The room was glowing in the late afternoon light and I just had to snap some pics for you guys. Just tiny bits...

This is one of the very first authentic pieces of cottage furniture we ever owned! It was a Christmas gift from Aaron's parents...gosh, about 16 years ago! Before the world went Shabby Chic crazy.  We love it just as much today!

One of our many many "crazy babies". Aaron is greeted by this face each morning.

This little old cottage shelf is so wibbly wobbly. Totally one of those homemade projects from maybe the 40's. And next to it is one of my very first "instant relatives"...known as "the boy". We found him in an antique shop about 16 years ago. The glass he's behind is so old and wavy...I love him!

I love our bed. It's vintage inspired. I think from Eddie Bauer home (do they even sell beds anymore?) it about 15 years ago! We painted it black. And the bedding is from Urban Outfitters. LOVE it to bits! It's their waterfall bedding, which I know comes in a few colors.  
That fabulous "Forever" banner is by a dear and amazingly talented friend Caitlin Holcomb!  

This here is "Mr Binney" I like to pretend that he owned an apothecary...with jars and jars of candy that the children would save all week for!

This trio of collage houses were a little project of mine a handful of years ago. They still make me happy. LOVE vintage photo booth photos!

And these fabric collages are all by the same talented lady. I found her on ebay yeeeears ago. I have collected so many of them over the years. I'd love to track her down and see what she is up to now! (I'll let you know if I find her)

Well there you have it. An itttttty bitty bedroom tour. I promise there really isn't much more to the room than what you see here! To take a pic of the bed..I'd actually be standing in a doorway! I look forward to moving upstairs and possibly taking the decor in a different direction. I have a few ideas twirling around.  :)

Thanks for popping in! Enjoy your day!
xo Jenny