The cutest Easter eggs in blogland

It comes as no surprise that Jenny Holiday is all about Holidays! I am cuckoo for them! Easter may be my very very favorite. It was always such a tie with Christmas, but the bunnies take it over the edge for yes, let's carve it in stone today: Jenny Holiday's favorite Holiday of all Holidays is Easter! The pastels, bunnies, eggs, foil wrapped candies, flowers, paper grass, baby chicks, chocolates, ahhh it's all dizzying to me! And the happy traditions of baskets filled with sweets and plush bunnies
and silly toys, egg hunts, pictures with "The Easter Bunny", picking out frilly dresses and shiny shoes, crazily decorated Easter bonnets, and of course dying eggs! Soooo much fun!! And this all happens just as the weather invites us all outdoors! What's not to Love?!

I just had to share some of my favorite decorated eggs from Blogland! Aren't they just beyond happy and cheerful? Gosh...the gold makes me swoon! I am a sucker for pastels and gold! But you already know that! ;)

Beaded and sequin eggs are one of my all time favorite collectibles! I've been lucky enough on a few occasions to find them in the original kits! They were super popular at 5 & Dime stores in the late 50s early 60s. I went through a biiiig beaded everything phase a few years ago! And boy did my thumb pay for it! Fruit, stars, hearts, eggs, you name it!

These darling decoupaged prize eggs stole my heart a few years ago. Made by my super sweet and talented friend Amy Powers...yes, the gal I mentioned a few posts back. They are just perfect! Super easy and totally instant heirlooms.

Have you... or will you be dying eggs this year? Anything fun planned? I'd love to see!

Happy Weekend kids!
xo Jenny