Odds and Ends

Clayton, NC

We left the RV Resort in Roanoke Rapids and arrived in our driveway on Sunday.  It felt really odd to pull in to the old subdivision again.  We have said our final goodbyes to our neighbors twice already but have returned after the house didn't close each time.  Really, really odd.

Another odd thing happened on Friday while sitting outside at the park in RoRap.  A couple was out for their evening stroll and the woman asked if I had a blog.  Well I said yes and she said that she was a follower although more of a lurker.  Bonnie and Richard have their house in NJ on the market and they are on their way to Texas to go to the RV Dreams Rally.  Another small world moment in the rv lifestyle.  We chatted for a while and enjoyed their company.  Hope their Mifi is doing well now.

Yesterday we sold our kayaks.  Let me back track a bit.  Gin checked Craigslist a few days ago to see how many were for sell and what would be a good price to ask.  As it turned out, someone had posted a "want to buy" ad for our exact models and they lived only a couple of miles from our house.  After emails were exchanged, Gayle came over and ended up buying both of them and our two hullavators.  We plan to replace them with a Seaeagle Paddle Ski soon.  It was so nice to get them off of the roof of the Suki.  It looked so sleek.  We took the opportunity to give it a full body spa treatment today (wash and wax and vacuum).  I must admit though, it will be hard to find the car in the parking lot after shopping. :)  Those kayaks on the roof kinda made it stick out in a crowd but now I can take it through a car wash whenever I want to.  An end to an era but the Paddle Ski will suit our needs just fine.

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life's journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.