For the Love of tiny pianos

Hello there!
I'm so happy you guys like my "Odd and Abandoned" post. I mean, I gotta say I'm not surprised that so many of you identify with it. We're all kindred spirits. But your comments definitely got me psyched to actually go out there and find some more magical places. When Spring arrives it always comes with a side order of itchy feet...a yearning to get out on the highways and byways. And even if gas prices put a little damper on your roadtrip can always hit up some local yardsales. Oh how I love's where you go to feed your collecting addiction.

Speaking of collecting...I'm just a bit obsessed with mini pianos. I've got them in all shapes and types. Some are actually the playable kind for little tykes...I've got a couple that are also picture frames...some that are just pretty to look at...I even have one that's a ceramic flower pot.
Pianos have always been a sort of aesthetic crutch for me. They're my go-to anchor for any vignette. I'm a big fan of black & white...and the keys mimic stripes...which are a big part of my design playbook. I've found them on Ebay, at flea markets, antique shops...and it always feels like the little piano was sitting there waiting for me. That mini white Schoenhut that I've got inside my mantel...yes, right where the fireplace should be...well, I got it for an insanely amazing bargain at some giant antique center. There it was in the corner of some booth. I remember nearly falling down when I saw it. Just utter perfection to me...and never ever do you find one that still has the matching stool!
And it's so cool when they are the playable kind. People can't resist twinkling the keys...and they are never in fact it's that old beat-up out of tune sound that makes them so charming.

This here little scene is one of our original paintings. As you may know, we're kinda crazy for sweets. We pay tribute with our paint brushes to Cupcakes, Cakes, and Cookies all the time. But our next biggest muse is our collectibles. The things we gather and covet always creep into our paintings. Our ceramic dolls are always a focus. In this one Charlotte poses with her mini a little diorama type scene. And yes, we LOVE birdcages! That chandelier...yup, we own that exact one. And of course we needed to include a plate of cupcakes. And see those portraits hanging on Charlotte's wall...those are actual vintage photos. We loved the juxtaposition...the role reversal...a painted little girl with real pictures on her wall. And yeah, she just so happens to decorate exactly like we do!

Any other piano lovers?
xo Jenny