early morning Sunshine

Hey friends!

Happy Wednesday! We are half way there! ;)
So...my parents whom I haven't seen in about a year were in town for a visit the past two days. They stayed over last night...on a blow up mattress in the livingroom. The last time they were in this room it was a familiar mix of tans, reds, and navy blue. I know waking up here today must have been a bit of a "Where am I ?" situation. With candy colored striped walls, tiny pianos, and pink bunnies spying on them. My mom did comment that it was nice to see the house living a new life. My parents moved way upstate N.Y. and are building a log cabin. I've been hearing them talk about "log cabin kits" for about 30 yrs! They are finally living out that dream. I'm happy for them. Not sure when we'd be taking that 5+ hr drive to visit their neck of the woods, but I'm sure we'll make it a sibling road trip.

They hit the road pretty darn early...before we even got out of bed. It's a super sunshiney day so they should have a pretty nice drive. Speaking of sunshine...the livingroom was aglow this morning so I took a few pics for ya! Again, we are still chipping away and moving things around. Feeling things out. :)

Yes...more stripes! This aqua and cream striped wall mirrors the pink and cream stripes I shared with you the other day. It's fun to glance from right to left (while sitting in our aqua nook) seeing the room with an aqua backdrop...then switching to pink. It's so interesting to see how different items in the room pop with a turn of the head and change of background :)

A favorite Springtime treasure.

These incredibly darling altered prize ribbons were a gift from a super talented friend a few yrs ago. She was soooo ahead of her time! I adore these so so much! The vintage trims, glitter, and smile inducing centers featuring vintage dolls, millinery flowers, and ephemera! They just make my heart so so happy!

So hard to pick a favorite isn't it? They are just magical!

We have one wall left to figure out here in the livingroom. We are pretty sure it will be a shade of mocha. It's the largest wall...so it will be a challenge. We'll be keeping it simple but we do have a few ideas swirling around.

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Okie Doke kids... be back soon!
xo Jenny