Maybe, but Maybe Not...

RV Resort (site #P37)
Roanoke Rapids, NC

This is not really our kind of cg but it’s all about location.  It’s just a few miles from my Mom’s house and not all that far from Gin’s parents in Rocky Mount.  It offers FHU and the ambiance of an open parking lot but it does have some nice amenities in the office building.  There’s a small pool and hot tub, billiards, and laundry.  It’s an easy on/off of I95 so it gets a lot of overnight travelers.  We went ahead and got a monthly rate since it was a better price than paying for the original two weeks we had planned.
RV Resort...Roanoke Rapids, NC

We’ve enjoyed spending time with the family and having many of them come over to see our new home.  It makes me happy because I can tell that they are excited for us.  It’s been very windy here the past few days but the sun finally came out and we reorganized the basement storage today.  Tawanda’s packed pretty tight now!

Some of you may be aware of our house closing situation and some of you know the most recent developments but to be honest, we don’t even know what’s about to happen.  Let me explain.  As most of you know, the sell was supposed to go to settlement in January but it was postponed for a week.  Our buyers were selling their beach condo but found out that their buyer had not gotten financing yet.  They wanted to give them a few days but that didn’t help.  It was postponed again for a couple of weeks but the sell fell through when their buyer was unable to get financing.  So we put the house back on the market and stayed in the driveway for a few days when we got back from Florida.

Imagine our surprise when our realtor called us one night a couple of weeks ago to say that our buyers checked on a few things and want to pay cash for our house and rent out their condo!  Our house seems to be a good fit for them and I know that they like the place a lot.  I think they will take good care of the place and enjoy it for many years to come.  It is close to their daughter’s house so there will be family gatherings there too.  Sounds great but

The settlement is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) but it has been delayed.  We got word yesterday that she was admitted into the ICU at an area hospital with a major medical problem.  Today she has been moved to a room so hopefully her recovery will progress smoothly.  He really needs a few days to discuss the house situation with his wife not to mention everything else they are going through.  They have been in my thoughts and prayers a lot today.  We certainly want to have settlement soon but also want the right thing for them too.

Life is what you make of it…enjoy each day because the future will soon be the past.