Instagram Inspired...

Hey guys!!! Happy Weekend!! It's almost 1, officially it's Saturday here in NJ! Aaron and I and the pups are relaxing catching up on some tv. We missed tonight's Portlandia and are waiting for it to rerun...about 10 mins. from now. Enough time to (excitedly) blog the first in a brand new series...

Instagram Inspired wood mounted prints!!

Every artist should bow to the advent of the Instagram...a tool that essentially turns the everyday into Art. More than just photography...the Instagram captures an image in a frame, a it a feel, a mood, and often...a vintagey glow. And in an instant...the "art" is available to everyone.
As artists we wanted to pay it forward...paintings inspired by the Instagram. These 8" x 8" prints of our original paintings are mounted on 1/2" boards. Signed, sealed, ready to hang

We'll be adding more to this collection weekly! So stay tuned!

Really just so excited about this series!! We have a bunch in the works! Like I said, we'll be adding to the series weekly...and this week I'm sure we'll squeeze in a couple at least! They look amazing hung in a group!

Thanks so so much to our awesome collectors that already put their orders in for their very own "Instagram Cupcakes #1" today!! We'll be shipping them out early next week!

Okie Doke..Portlandia time!!
Enjoy your weekend!
xo Jenny