Instagram inspired Chocolate Chip Cookies for your wall...and some Irish Soda Bread Cookies for your tummy!

Aaron and I are known for our cupcakes and cakes, so you can imagine how fun and new it feels when we do something a lil different! One of our all time favorite paintings was our "cookies" sign. We loved perfecting that "cookie color" and filling centers with jam. I've never met a non cookie lover! There is a cookie recipe for every single one of us! Chocolate Chip being at the top of the list for so so many. We all have our go to recipe, many using the classic (found on the bag) Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies. I've been collecting some new and I admit...drool worthy recipes via Pinterest (of course), and seriously cannot wait to get baking! I'm not sure which came first, the idea for the above painting, or the craving for the real thing! I will tell you this...this week will be dedicated to the Chocolate Chip Cookie! I will (finally) be trying out the famous Neiman Marcus recipe, as well as these!

Living so very near to N.Y.C. we have such a hands on experience with "The" St. Patrick's Day Parade. Dressed in cableknits and plaids, the proud Irish, or Irish "for the day", line up at bus stops along our Main st. It's just a wee jaunt into N.Y.C. for a day filled with bagpipes and a night filled with green beer.

I myself prefer eating Irish Soda Bread Cookies and watching the parade from my sofa. Yes...cookies! A fun and yummy twist on the quintessntial St. Patty's classic! :)

Happy St Pat's kids! :)
xo Jenny