Happy Weekend! ...and a Fab GIVEAWAY!!

Hey kids! Happy Weekend! Any fun plans? Aaron and I will be working on a bunch of random things. We have only a few weeks till Creativity by the Sea. So we are putting the finishing touches on some things for our classes and the vendor market. You can still sign up to take one of our workshops! Totally not too late! If you are in the area come play! Even if just for the day! I know money is tight for so many right now, so a full weekend retreat may not be in the budget...with hotel and all. But if you want to play and are able to hop in the car for the day...do it! A full day surrounded by like minded artsy souls may be exaclty what you need right now!

I've been getting sooo many emails and comments over on facebook about teaching our classes online. To be totally honest, I'd adore that! We have yet to dive into making tutorial vids and such, but they are on the top of our "must do" list! I promise once we dip our toes in...it will be cuckoo! :) Classes galore!
So I want to thank all of you so much for the interest! I know it can be such a bummer when you find an amazing class being offered by a fave artist only to see that it is like 3000 miles away. :( I've had my fair share of those moments. My dream list of classes is evergrowing! One that tops my list is Flora Bowley! :) ahhh!

I also wanted to thank you bunches for giving hellocotton & bloglovin' a shot! I am loving hellocotton more and more by the day! :)

Well, being that I am a "blogger site" I still have my Google Friend Connect. I'm not 100% sure of the actual changes for non blogger users of Google Friend Connect. Did they lose their entire list of fave blogs? It may take a little while for things to even out. I myself follow sooo many blogs. Far too many to name, most through GFC. My favorite daily reads are pretty much commited to memory and I have them saved to my computer faves. I'm sure I'm not the only one in that boat. So there may be some googling going on to reconnect in blogland.

Ok Ok!! I'm Super excited to announce a Fabulous giveaway from a Fabulous company!

I have been a fan of Margarita Bloom for some time now. The 1950's pin up esthetic...skincare and bath products...amazingly yummy scents...fabulous key ingredients like cocoa butter, milk, rose oil, lavender, Himalayan Pink Sea salts, and Dead Sea mud!

"Every day should be filled with pampering,
glamour, glitter, sparkles, and inspiration!"

*Retro Design on label may differ due to perfume fragrance.

What you will Win:

Here's a few ways to win!!
Comment here with the beauty potion you like best from the shop.
And be a follower of both Everyday is a Holiday & Margarita Bloom's blog.

Like both Everyday is a Holiday & Margarita Bloom on Facebook

Follow Margarita Bloom on twitter. (tweet the giveaway for an extra chance)
And just comment here to let us know you did! :)

We'll be drawing a winner randomly next Saturday! :)

Someone is going to be super duper happy...and that makes me happy! Take the time to browse all of the incredible products Margarita Bloom offers! I know you'll want everything! I do! And if you just can't wait and want to do some shopping now...join the Glamourville mailing list and recieve 10% off your first order!

Okie Doke lovies! Enjoy your Weekend!! Do something crafty and fun!

Be Back Soon!!
xo Jenny

ps... We'll be drawing a winner from our Pin it to WIN it Giveaway Monday March 12th!! Stay tuned!!