Dazzling deborah lippmann dupe!

Hey dolls!

Popping in to share a super fab find...but first, Hello! Hello! to my new friends and followers! So so lovely to be connected! It makes me so happy to see your sweet lil faces showing up on GFC and hellocotton! ...and of course so fun visiting your lil corners of blogland!

And I am just beyond excited about the fabulous group of sponsors lined up for April! What a diverse gathering of mega fun, talented, and sweet gals! You still have time to join the fun! Feature spot is booked till summer...but large and medium ads still offer some fab exposure and fun interaction!

Ok, ok...so last friday I shared a FAVE with you...

Deborah Lippman "glitter in the air" nail laquer. Well, I am so beyond excited to share this dead ringer dupe with you! Revlon's "Whimsical"! They are like seeeriously identical! After finding it I had to do some googling, knowing I can count on die hard beauty bloggers to have the 411! This gal's post really carved it in stone for me. With a savings of pretty much $10.00, it's enough to make me squeal! I've been wearing it for the past 4 days, and I promise, I smile everytime I catch a glance! :)

ohh...and I was super excited to see my Lime Crime post featured as a "Top of the Day" Beauty Blog on hellocotton yesterday! :)

Ok, I just had to share with you!
Be back tomorrow!
xo Jenny