An instagram cupcake and some Friday favorites!

Yes, yes...another instagram inspired wood mounted print to add to the collection! This rose topped cupcake may look familiar to is inspired by a photo I shared just the other day in my Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook post. I cannot gush enough about all the sweetness coming from the hands of Cheryl & Griff Day! They inspire us to no end! :)

I'm certainly not the only one ga-ga over deborah lippmann luxury nail color. From beauty bloggers to Pinterest pinners, I cannot seem to go a day without stumbling upon a new shade to add to my wishlist! On the tippy top of my list is this magical shade..."Glitter in the Air". I've seen it worn alone, as well as layered over aqua bases. Both are so so dreamy!

As soon as I saw these beyond darling John Fluevog's I immediately started dreaming of Springtime day trips! They are seriously some of the cutest shoezies I've seen in a while! Pretty $$ but gosh they are so charming!

Ok, this here had my heart alllll a flutter! Murano glass bead wallpaper! The thought of a room or even an accent wall dressed in this finery is so beyond dreamlike! Honestly takes my breath away! The price is pretty much cuckoo, so it will all remain a dream till' we find a within reach knock off. Or...DIY! :)
I believe in celebrating everyday, and when adorable paper products such as these candy colored cuties exist it makes things so easy and oh so fun! I could truly spend every last penny over at Shop Sweet Lulu! Whether you are planning a Fancy Fete or a sweet lil afternoon tea, you are sure to find all the trimmings and darling details in one place! I have quite the wish list going!

And who doesn't need their very own toaster pastry press? I've been collecting recipes for these childhood faves for a while now, and having one of these would only cause me to consider becoming a profesh toaster tart maker! Imagine? Eeek!

Gosh, why don't we have money trees yet? :/

Happy Friday kids!
xo Jenny