Redneck Camping

Clayton, NC

The dental appointment went ok on Tuesday.  I now have a temporary crown and have to go to a Periodontist next week for a consultation.  He has to look at it and probably take more x-rays to see how much bone needs to be shaved off.  What joy awaits me. In love

Wednesday was a cool day here so we just did laundry and used the wide open floor spaces to cut some tire cover material while we still have access to the facilities in the house.  We call it “Redneck Camping” when we stay in the driveway like this, but we don’t have a lot of choice.  The house was supposed to have been sold on January 6 but the folks that were going to buy our house had their house sell fall through.  They still want it though.

So what do you do when you are once again in Limbo Land?  RV projects of course!  Today was a beautiful day so I washed Tawanda and put some Rejex on the front to keep the bugs from sticking.  Roamin now has a “reflective” place to wile away the hours.
RainX Shines on Window  Roamin has a clean outlook now

Gin’s done most of the work on the tire covers and will probably finish up tomorrow while I do more Rejex (if it doesn’t rain).  We’ll take advantage of the empty house while it’s not quite sold.  We’re keeping a positive attitude though.
Four squares for four tires  Gin tucking in a hem on a tire cover

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.