Rainy and GBS

Crooked River SP (site #54)
St Mary’s GA

It’s been a couple of messy, drizzly days here but I did at least ride my bike around a little bit on Wednesday and took a pic of our site.  I think it’s the best pull-thru here.  We got out on Thursday afternoon and went to the waterfront part of town with it’s quaint, restored houses and ate shrimp at Lang’s.  Not really worth the price but it was nice to get out.
Crooked River SP GA site #54

Since we’ve been conservative with our water consumption, there’s plenty of space in the gray tank so I’m washing a load of clothes today since we’re leaving tomorrow.  It sure is convenient.  We plan to stop at a PPA CG along I95 in SC tomorrow night and then back to the house for a few days by Sunday.  We like it here and hope to return when the weather is nicer.

One reason that I started blogging was to get better at expressing myself.  I’m a quiet person in general and my thoughts don’t always translate into the proper words.  I don’t think that my self-expression has improved much, but I wanted to share a link to a site that I think is well written with more “inner thoughts” and thought provoking questions than anything I can come up with.  It’s not RV related but there is an emphasis on the great outdoors.  It is written by my nephew Philip and is about his life’s experiences.  It’s Green Beret Skills.  As you may have guessed, he was in the Army.  If you have time, please check out his posts from January 25,2012 thru February 6, 2012 to help put life in perspective.

Life is what you make of it…it’s how you handle adversity that makes you who you are.