The Ultimate $4,500 No Excuses Giveaway!!!

I'm so excited to take part in this fabulous giveaway that just so happens to be situated smack dab in the middle of this giving season! I was asked by DesignHer Brands if we would like to contribute some of our artwork for this big event, and when I read all the details of what this giveaway was all about I jumped at the chance to add whatever we could to such a worthy effort.
Our "New Girl in Town" piece, seen below, will be just one itty bit of a prize that could in all likelihood change some lucky gal's life! Really. Hopefully the winner of all these goods and services will not only be the New Girl in Town...but the New IT Girl in Town! I know I haven't even said anything about the details of this huge giveaway...I will in a second...and of course you gotta check out the link for yourself and by all means...sign up! Entries started just a few days ago and they're open 'til Sunday, December 11th.

What really struck a chord with me is that this giveaway is all about launching somebody. It's for anyone who has ever dreamed of starting a new business or currently has a business that's in need of some assistance. You'll get a custom designed Website from Avalon Rose, along with any content you'll need help with...all the behind the scenes stuff that takes countless hours...the promotion...the networking. And that's just the'll get your choice of classes from Brave Girls coaching sessions from Here to There...and a list of amazing goods, gifts, and wonderful things from a who's who in Fabulousness!

Ok, you just gotta go check out all the nitty gritty specifics for yourself. HERE. I'm really happy to spread the word and to take part in this awesome event.
Good Luck!! :)

I want to thank anyone who took part in our Cyber Monday sale. We are thrilled at the turnout and to see firsthand how many people really are supporting Handmade for the Holidays. Unfortunately, not everyone got to take advantage of the sale...and for those of you still looking for a deal...I'm happy to say that we have a Holiday Sale going on RIGHT NOW! You will get 20% off your entire order when you enter code: holidays. So please, SHOP AWAY! We've been working like Christmas elves...making, making, making...packing, packing, packing. And it warms our hearts every time fill out another address on another box...thinking of each individual happy home.
Again, thank you so so much for reading and joining us for our favorite season. And don't forget to enter the fabulous giveaway!
xoxo, Jenny