Lotsa Photos

Huntington Beach State Park (site #21)
Murrell’s Inlet, SC

We managed to get the bikes on the beach and go out to the jetty the other day.  It’s about a mile and a half one way.  It’s nice to have the electric motor to push us through the headwinds.  Dan and Tricia didn’t have that luxury.
Gin and Dan riding to the jetty

We saw a pair of dolphins in the water and a sea turtle.  I tried to get pictures but all I got was the water where they had just gone back under.  It was a little cool and overcast but we enjoyed the time on the beach and gathered a few shells.
Sunbeams on an overcast day

We all went to the causeway in front of Atalaya to see the alligators and I showed Dan and Tricia how easily my camera can zoom in for a close up.  Dan took this picture of the turtle.  Cool huh…
Young gator and old turtles  Close up of old turtles

We had a couple of cool dreary days that gave us a chance to relax at the MH and recharge our batteries, so to speak.  As soon as we had a clear day though, I just had to get on the bike and spend some time on the causeway taking pictures.  There were tons of birds there.  I think the Herons and Egrets actually like to pose for the cameras.  Here are a few pictures to check out.  Just a reminder, a caption will appear if you put the cursor on the pic and they enlarge when you click on them.
Feeding frenzy 

Blue Heron at Huntington Beach  Egret at Huntington Beach

Beautiful mature Pelican  Pelicans at Huntington Beach

Great Egret and Blue Heron posing Hear no fish, See no fish, Catch no fish... Woodstork at Huntington Beach

Ibis wading for a fish  Ibis and his reflection

Snowy Egret, a pair of Ibis, and a Great Egret in the oyster beds  Beautiful Snowy Egret

Hope you enjoyed the birds.  This month here is going by so fast, spending time with friends and enjoying the park.  I’m liking this a lot.  Smile

Life is what you make of it…a smile is free to share.