Stowaway and a Sylville Kinda Day

Jordan Lake State Park
Poplar Point CG (site E95)
Apex, NC

Meet our little stowaway, Roamin P. Duck (RPD).  We’re not sure what the P stands for, any suggestions?   He doesn’t require much upkeep and he really seems to like water.

IMG_0514  IMG_0518

We like the water too and spent most of the afternoon floating in the cove.  Roamin encouraged us to go for a paddle late in the afternoon since it wasn’t too hot so we obliged him.  The water was like glass.  Don’t let Gin get too far away.

IMG_0523  IMG_0532

Unfortunately, there are several dead fish washed up on the shore around here and it smells like Smudge’s breath.  I didn’t know that Ospreys would let Buzzards get this close to them, and this Heron screeched at us as he flew away.

IMG_0529  IMG_0531

We could get used to this kind of life.  We were so at ease and comfortable all day.  It’s what we like to call a Sylville kinda day.  Serenity personified.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.