Moochdocking or WorkCamping?

Rocky Mount, NC

We relaxed a little more at Lake Jordan but left Saturday morning before the weekend warriors got out of hand.  I enjoy the sounds of laughter, water splashing and such, but it was time to go.  We stopped by the dump station on our way out and it was nice to have that all to ourselves so that Gin could do a thorough job.  We are spending a few days here at Gin’s parents.  They have 30 amp hookup in their side yard if your cord is long enough.


With the woods right beside us, it’s almost like being in a state park.  As we pulled in on Saturday, an awesome hawk swooped out of a tree right in front of us.  That evening there were two deer grazing in the back yard, and last night a fox watched as I let Smudge out.  I made sure to put her leash on because an ounce of prevention…

I’ve heard the term “moochdocking” defined as staying in a friend or relative’s driveway for a few days.  I’ve also heard of “workcamping” as offering some form of service in exchange for your rv hookup.  I’m not real sure where we fall right now.  After getting set up Saturday, we went over to the house that Gin’s parents are having built and cleaned up the work area some.  On Sunday, we went back and swept up some more stuff.  It was so hot and humid that Gin ended up with blisters on both hands.  I guess my skin is a little thicker, kinda like my noggin.  We’ve also enjoyed visiting with them and even played a game of Canasta last night.  Gin’s Mom had a doctor’s appointment today so we did some laundry and used the Flowbee for our hair cuts.  This property will be missed but the new place is better for her folks and it has less responsibilities.  Their house should be finished in about a month.  And as far as our house goes, we’ve had 4 showings in the past 5 days that we’ve been gone.  The right person (couple, family) is going to come along soon.

I want to welcome two recently new followers, Nan and John and Jeff Simmons.  I just recently retired and we are now able to rv a little more frequently so hopefully my postings will be a bit more interesting.  Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy each day of your life’s journey by finding beauty in the ordinary.