New girl in town is ready for the fireworks!

All day long we've been anticipating the fireworks, but we just couldn't go without putting the final touches on our "New Girl in Town"... and getting her out into the world to meet new friends. She's an open edition, so we'll be making a handful on these great 10 x 10 wood boxes. She's in the shop now!

Living at the Jersey Shore, there are fireworks all summer but of course on the weekend of the 4th every town for miles has their giant display, and each town does it on a different night. We saw some in the distance on Saturday, and on Sunday we caught a couple towns in a row while driving to pick up my brother Walt. At one point we pulled over and I snapped this shot below... of course its not the best...but I'll have my camera tonight and I'll be snapping away, and hopefully I'll capture a glorious explosion in the sky...maybe even with a long exposure.
But tonight is the big night. We'll be watching from near Convention Hall in Asbury Park, with my sis Missy and bro Walt. Asbury gets so so packed, but Missy is lucky enough to live a block away from the best vantage point. So, we're off in a few... just wanted to introduce the new girl in town and wish all you guys a Happy Happy 4th! Have a great night! xoxo, Jenny