Friday Favorites

Hey guys! What a week! I survived the Brooklyn move (nuts!)  and have been playing mega catch up on so many things. Aaron and I were really happy to get that batch of minis finished and listed.  (Thanks so so much for all of the kind words and orders! It means so much to us)  We're hard at work on some new things that I am really excited to share!  If all goes well I should be able to show you some fun stuff by Tuesday or so! We are in total summer mode here in the studio...summery florals, pastel polka dots, faded cabana stripes...eeee! Can't wait to show you guys! :)

The sun is shining right now and the breeze is lovely. If this is any indication of this weekends weather, I'll be a happy girl! :)  What do you guys have planned? Whatever it is have fun!

How about some Friday Favorites? Starting with the above cuteness!
Such a simple project...yet it makes me smile so big! Glass jars + neon pink contact paper + a hole punch = darling vases!

This happy happy happy vignette can be found at the  Vintage Cupcake Co. shop! Do I really need to say anything here? Seriously...can't you just taste the frosting? 

As you know I'm a big collector of anything vintage kitchen, bakery, dollhouse-ish. One of my favorite things being a vintage Suzy Homemaker stove. They pop up on etsy quite often, and can always be found on ebay. They are certainly gaining popularity with our generation, and I'm sure the minty green color has something to do with it. The above stand mixer is way at the top of my wishlist! It's harder to find than the stove. I would adore it sitting on a shelf in the kitchen! I'm on the hunt!

This tea towel  makes me laugh! The crazy hand drawn font and overall unapologetic-ness. Love it!

This fantastic piece caught my eye a while back. On top of being cute, it's pretty clever! 
The tilted shelving presents the spines of products to the user, reducing the need to kneel to find what is required. :)

Alrighty kids... 
Let the weekend begin!!
xo Jenny